Tae Kwon Do Training.
Tae Kwon Do, when translated, means "the art, way, or path of kicking and punching". But it is much more than that. It is an ongoing test of physical and mental fitness, of stamina, perseverance, courage and creativity. It combines the best of mind and body discipline into an art form which can become a way of life. When learned and used correctly, it becomes the perfect physical fitness activity since it utilizes every muscle in the body while naturally regulating a person's weight.

As an Art.
the philosophical backbone of this Korean Martial Art is the code of honor which consists of loyality to one's country, respect and obedience towards one's parents and elders, courage and bravery on the street and on the battlefield, maintenance of self discipline, perseverance and self confidence, avoidance of unnecessary violence and killing, and commitment to become a better, more well balanced person.

As a Sport, participants can establish their own levels of activity at any age and physical condition. Tae Kwon Do provides recreation and a feeling of achievement and self-confidence. It also provides a challenge for participants in a competitive setting. The training, aids in the development of balance, speed, agility, power, rhythm, muscular endurance and strength. In essence, the aims of Tae Kwon Do training, coincide with and are similar to those of other sports and physical education.

As a Personal Asset, Tae Kwon Do's most beneficial feature is a lifesaving art of self-defense and personal protection for people of all ages. It gives the practitioner the opportunity to set and achieve new goals, and to expect more from oneself. The Tae Kwon Do-ist learns responsibility, a proper attitude, strategies to plot and control their personal course, and how to "carry over" this discipline into other areas of life. Most students of Tae Kwon Do become leaders not followers, especially those that believe that they need drugs, alcohol or gangs to be a part of something.

The Five Tenets of Tae Kwon Do
Indomitable Spirit

The Five Regulations of Hwarang Do
Respect your parents and elders.
Devote yourself and your loyalty to your country.
Have courage not to surrender on the battlefield.
Maintain self-discipline, perserverance, and self-confidence at all times.
Love life, peace, justice; do not kill needlessly.